Bongs and Pipes

Bongs and Pipes

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Bongs, or “Water Pipes” have been a favorite choice of smokers for over 2400 years! While the designs, materials, and features of today’s glass bong have evolved significantly from the bongs our caveman ancestors were smoking, the ultimate purpose of the water pipe has remained the same:


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Bongs and Pipes

Bongs and Pipes, whether they are made of scientific glass or bendy silicone, are part of many smoking setups. They’re so universal that it’s easy not to think about where they came from or how they got so popular. But water pipes have a long and storied history that runs its way from thousands of years ago into today’s cultural mix. Bongs and Pipes have origins in various places across the world, and it’s nothing if not a display of the range of human ingenuity—at least when it comes to smoking.

Where did the word bong come from?

There’s contention among bong historians about where exactly usage began, even down to how the word itself originated.

There is a case that the word “bong” can be traced to the United States during the Vietnam War. Soldiers stationed at the five military bases in Thailand are said to have heard locals calling bamboo water pipes “baung”s.

Early water pipes

As for the origins of Bongs and Pipes themselves, scientists are split. In 2013, excavations in Russia turned up gold bongs used by Scythian tribal chiefs. These Bongs and Pipes were found in something called a kurgan, a mound of soil and rocks placed over a wooden burial chamber. The date on the whole site was put at 2,400 years ago . weed for sale