blue cookies

Blue cookies


Common Usage
Pain 10/10 , Insomnia 2/10 , Depressed 8/10 , Anxiety 6/10 , Traumatic Stress 6/10
Typical Effects
Sleepy 4/10 , Cotton Mouth 2/10 , Relaxed 10/10 , Dry Eyes 2/10 , Euphoric 6/10
THC Content
Highest Test 25% , Strain Average 22% , Indica Average 12.5%

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Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies is a marginally indica-inclining mixture that offers an extraordinary equalization of mental and physical impacts. Set up staple half and halves Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry join to yield this delicious blossom with an engaged and perceptive yet extremely loosened up high. Said to be a powerful smoke in any event, for cannabis veterans . Blue Cookies has a THC organization that extents from 20% to a noteworthy 25%. Note that there is an alternate (though comparable) strain considered Blue Cookies available that is an unmistakable phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies itself instead of a combination of GSC and Blueberry.

Blue Cookies’ buds are huge and thick with a thick structure increasingly normal of indica assortments. The leaves bunch together in marginally long, taper shapes that are strung through with red to searing orange pistils. Like parent strain Blueberry, Blue Cookies is set apart by especially beautiful blossoms . They show up spring green and as a rule are spotted with blue and purple shades. These last hues rise when high convergences of colors called anthocyanins animated by chilly temperatures in the developing procedure. Overcast trichomes spread the effectively brilliant leaves, giving them a shimmering sheen.

Nature of strain

The high gum content likewise makes Blue Cookies a hard strain to separate for channels or joints without the utilization of a processor. Blue Cookies has strong flavors to coordinate its visual intrigue. Clients will see an at the same time fruity and moist smell from the restored buds that feels like a mix of Blueberry’s berry and GSC’s gritty profiles. Breaking or consuming the blossoms draws out a rich smell that is progressively suggestive of cowhide. The smoke hits easily and conveys a slight taste of cherry with some skunk on the breathe out. Strangely, in spite of its purple tinge, Blue Cookies doesn’t have a perceptible grape enhance . This is on the grounds that the equivalent anthocyanin shades that manage the strain’s shading don’t correspondingly affect its taste.


This current strain’s incitement of both cerebrum and both likewise makes it incredible for exercises that include both – it tends to be a decent exercise help and even a Spanish fly. Likewise, Blue Cookies has an incentive as a medicinal treatment for both physical and mental tribulations. Its feeling of clarity and center can be incredible for patients with consideration shortage issue. It can likewise effectsly affect discouraged or on edge state of mind, giving anything from smooth happiness to elation. Physical unwinding makes Blue Cookies a decent pain relieving treatment for hurts, agonies, and sickness. In sufficiently high focuses, this can assist light sleepers with discovering profound and serene rest.


Regardless of its strong and balanced high, confirmed seeds of Blue Cookies can be difficult to find. Planned producers may need to get clippings from develop plants of the strain so as to develop solid clones. Once secure, Blue Cookies can develope inside or outside . Albeit open air developing requires a moderate to warm atmosphere . With a steady daytime temperatures in the 70 to 74 degree Fahrenheit range. Indoor developing conditions can be all the more purposely control, and the short to medium-stature plants can take well to restricted spaces – particularly if producers do some constrained twisting and pruning right off the bat in the vegetative stage.

Producers should likewise normally trim away the wide fan leaves that develop at the highest point of plants so as to give light and air a chance to arrive at the lower blossoming hubs. Drawing out this present strain’s mark hues requires “stunning” the plant by presenting it to some colder than normal temperatures just before blossoming starts. Blue Cookies blooms inside 9 to 10 weeks when developed inside . All things considered cultivators may need to give fake underpins like wooden dowels to keep the thick buds from burdening branches. This strain offers a normal yield of blossoms.

In the event that you can drop by it, Blue Cookies offers an extraordinary taste and a group satisfying, admirably adjusted high. Its power makes it charming for novices and experienced cannabis clients the same. For whatever length of time that it expends with some restraint . This current strain’s adaptable make it fitting for both daytime and evening satisfaction.

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