nevilles haze

Nevilles Haze


Common Usage
Typical Effects
Creative10/10 , Paranoia6/10 , Energetic8/10 , Euphoric8/10 , Focused6/10
THC Content
Highest Test21% , Strain Average19% , Sativa Average13.5%

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About Nevilles Haze

Nevilles Haze is for the most part Haze evidence strain to win ahead of everyone else in the seeds division of the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Haze legacy prompts a solid Sativa style high that mists the brain with euphoric giggly rapture. In spite of the fact that amazing the impacts are not the sort to keep most clients establish . They feel an ascent in innovative energies and a should be beneficial when expended in low portions. In spite of the fact that a brilliant strain despite everything it conveys the standard negative impacts of dry eyes and mouth .  Certain clients encountering tipsiness, cerebral pains and suspicion.

This strain has a THC content as high as 21 percent and is frequently prescribed to patients experiencing incessant misery, stress and uneasiness.

Others have decided to utilize it to remove the concentration from their pen of interminable agony. A couple of clients have discovered relief from their anxious evenings of a sleeping disorder through Neville’s Haze also. The strain is likewise picked to reduce sickness and the impacts of glaucoma.

Nevilles Haze is the result of the Spice Brothers. They decided to blend Haze (Sativa) with Northern Lights (Indica), the final product being just 25 percent Indica. Genuine Neville’s Haze can be a genuine agony to develop as it is finicky about pH levels and can take as long as 14 weeks to get done with blossoming. The yield is likewise on the littler side normally more like 250 grams for every meter squared . Also a great deal of consideration it is conceivable to arrive at a yield as much as 500 grams. Not suggested for the normal or beginner producer, this strain develops best inside in a hydroponics develop set up.

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